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Think limoncello but not....
eldorado orchards x hurdle creek still

ripe for the picking

2023 Cherry Gin limited release is still availalable but it won't last long!
Aronia Gin
Aronia Gin
Hurdle Creek Still - Aronia Gin

Aronia Gin

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Limited seasonal release made by steeping locally grown NE Victorian Aronia berries in Yardarm Gin.

Aronia Gin 24% (2023 seasonal release).
Locally grown Aronia berries (also known as Appleberries or Black Chokeberries) are steeped in Yardarm Gin and a little sugar is added. The result is a unique seasonal liqueur with a rich red colour and flavour, in the style of a Sloe gin.

Please note: Webshop orders placed between 23 April – 9 May 2024 will not be shipped until 10 May.

Recipe ideas: Serve neat in a liqueur glass or over ice in a small tumbler.

Bobbie's Patch

Australian grown juniper

Bobbie's Patch was established in 1997, nestled in a beautiful valley in NE Victoria. Slow maturing and through flood, fire and drought, some 22 years later they are producing a nice little crop. When we received the call from Tina and Leigh about the existence of Bobbie's Patch, it is needless to say that we were ecstatic!
100% australian grain

Paddock to bottle

Our spirit is distilled on-site from grain sourced as locally as we can get it. Sometimes that's just up the road...
Powder monkey - Navy Strength GIN

Home Grown

100% Autstralian grown botanicals, featuring Juniper from Bobbie's patch, it's the first of its kind in the country, and the Eucalyptus Blaklei at the Stillhouse door.
aronia berreis

Good things to come

Subscribe and keep your eyes peeled for a new seasonal release using locally grown aronia berries
eldorado orchards x hurdle creek still


Time for a drink



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thats the spirit


From grain to the liquor cabinet.


Come and visit The StillHouse about 6km down the road from Milawa in the King Valley. The building was originally a farm shed, transformed using reclaimed materials to house the distillery.

Visitors are welcome to watch the still in action, talk gin with the distiller and sample it all at the same time.

Note: for groups of 10 or more people, please phone ahead on either 0493 295 481 or email:

Visit Us

216 Whorouly-Bobinawarrah Rd, Milawa, Victoria

for tastings & sales
(bookings not required for groups of less than 10)

Sat, Sun, Mon: 10am - 4pm.

Thurs, Fri: 12pm-4pm.

Tues, Wed: Closed.

Please note the Stillhouse will be closed from 23 April - 9 May for our annual holidays.


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