Powder Monkey Gin

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Navy strength gin made in a classic dry style with a barley and triticale spirit, showcasing a select few native and locally grown botanicals.

Powder Monkey Navy Strength Gin 58%
At its heart is a bold dry spirit with a distinctive rye character that we craft from triticale, malt and barley. After 2 distillations in our extended copper and glass column, we vapour infuse in a selection of six botanicals: plenty of juniper, supported by five locally sourced botanicals; eucalyptus leaves (picked from the majestic Blakley's red gum [Eucalyptus blakelyi] outside the Stillhouse), pink peppercorns along with cinnamon, lemon and aniseed myrtles.

Powder Monkey is currently made with 100% Australian grown grain & botanicals including NE Victorian "Bobbie's Patch" Juniper.

Recipe ideas:
- Classic G&T with lemon;
- Bitter lemon or even a gin squash;
- Gin sour.

Powder Monkey  Gin
Hurdle Creek Still - Powder Monkey Navy Strength Gin

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