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Making Gin

Barley, malt and, sometimes, triticale are milled and then mixed with hot water in the mash tun where the starch in the grain is converted into sugar.  This is the same process that craft brewers use when making beer.

The sugary sweet wash from the mash is collected, cooled and fermented. We then add yeast which eats the sugars and produces our dear friend alcohol.

The spent grains from the process are fed to our herd of shorthorn cattle.

Distillation takes place in our custom configured six-plate reflux still fired by gas burners.

The fermented wash (or beer) is distilled a minimum of three times to produce a clean dry spirit with a soft but distinct grain character.

Distillation #1 "strips" the alcohol out of the beer, the results are low wines at about 50-60% alcohol. The low wines are then further processed through Distillation #2.

At this point we take great care in collecting only the middle cut or “hearts” from the run and discarding the “foreshots”.

Finally Distillation #3 is where spirit becomes gin.

The hearts are redistilled and the gin basket loaded with botanicals, juniper berries are the key that makes gin, gin-without them- it is not.  We open the vapour line to the gin basket; the hot alcohol vapours pass through the botanicals and emerge from the still as gin at around 95-80% alcohol.

The gin is cut to strength with filtered water from the property, then bottled and labelled onsite

In the case of our seasonal cherry gin or pastis, rather than vapour infusion, the botanicals are steeped in spirit- extracting flavour and colour.


Come and visit The StillHouse about 6km down the road from Milawa in the King Valley. The building was originally a farm shed, transformed using reclaimed materials to house the distillery.

Visitors are welcome to watch the still in action, talk gin with the distiller and sample it all at the same time.

Note: for groups of 10 or more people, please phone ahead on (03) 57279106 or email:

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