Harvest Gin

Harvest Gin is ever evolving, not limited by season but made in small batches when the time is right. With no two batches alike, each batch is a unique representation of the flavours that North East Victoria provides.

  Harvest Gin Batch HG01 - Persimmon and Yuzu Gin - is now sold out. We're working on batch 2!
Harvest Gin Batch HG02 - Mulberry and Lemon Scented Gum Pink Gin 42% abv. SOLD OUT! ALL GONE! 
Harvest Gin Batch HG03 - Persimmon and Yuzu Gin 40% abv. By popular request we've remade Batch #1 Persimmon and Yuzu Gin but this time with a barley spririt base. A smoother drier gin that enhances the fruity Persimmon flavour.