Cherry Gin

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Limited seasonal release with a rich cherry flavour complemented by botanicals, made by steeping locally grown fresh cherries in gin.

Cherry Gin 38.6%

For the 2023 seasonal release, locally grown Cherries from Eldorado Orchards were frozen and then steeped in a specially made gin that featured cassia and lemon myrtle. After the cherries were strained out the infused gin was fortified with more gin. The result is a unique seasonal release with a rich cherry colour and flavour complementing our blend of botanicals.A little lighter yet "fresher" flavour thatn the 2022 release, reflecting perhaps the varieties of the cherries used and their degree of ripeness.

Recipe ideas: On the rocks with a slice of lemon or G&T with a hint of Lemon as a garnish or in a ginsecco (a shot of gin & a couple of frozen berries topped up with Prosecco)


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