Our Gins

The Spirit

We make our base spirit from unmalted barley and oats blended with malted barley, using a traditional infusion mashing process to convert the starch in the grain into sugars. The clear wash, containing the sugars is then collected and fermented off the grain. Once the yeast has done its work and all the sugars have been converted to alcohol its then distilled a minimum of 3 times. Finally the spirit is vapour infused with botanicals in our conical Carterhead.

Our carefully selected blend of unmalted cereals and malted barley produces a dry spirit with a distinct grain character. The perfect backdrop for a big New World gin bursting with botanicals.

Yardarm Distilled Gin

Yardarm is a big gin infused with juniper from Montenegro (without the juniper it wouldn't be gin!), coriander, citrus, pink peppercorns, hops and lemon myrtle, 14 botanicals in all. We always try to use the botanicals we grow on the property or sourced locally whenever we can.

Why Yardarm?

The yardarm is the horizontal spar that supports the sails on a old square rigged sailing ship. Tradition has it that once the sun has risen in the sky above the yardarm,  as viewed from the deck below, its time for the first gin of the day!

No matter how far you roam, as the sun rises and falls "Somewhere in The World its Gin Time!"


Evolution: descent with modification giving rise to fantastic diversity!

Inspired by our love of gin and all things aniseed, Evolution takes gin to a new level. We combine juniper and a traditional gin botanical base with a blend of aniseed flavoured ingredients including home grown fennel and Australian aniseed myrtle to open up a new dimension of cocktails.

Powder Monkey Navy Strength Gin

We designed Powder Monkey Navy Strength Gin with a bold grain character balanced with a heavy juniper forward flavour to reflect gin's courageous past.

At its heart is a bold dry spirit with a distinctive rye character that we craft from triticale, malt and barley. After 3 distillations in our copper and glass column, we load up the Carterhead with a selection of six botanicals:  plenty of juniper, supported by five locally sourced botanicals; eucalyptus leaves (picked from the ribbon gum outside the Stillhouse), pink peppercorns and cinnamon, lemon and aniseed myrtles, and vapour infuse the gin directly off the Stillhead.

Classic cockatils made with navy strength include pink gin and the gimlet.

Whats a Powder Monkey?

Originally a Powder Monkey was a boy who's job was to deliver gunpowder from the magazine in the ship's hold to the gun crews manning the cannons during battle. Today, the name lives on to describe anyone who handles explosives in the mining and constructions industries.

What's Navy Strength?

In days gone by, one way to make sure you weren’t being sold watered down spirit was to pour some over gunpowder. If the gunpowder still burned (don’t try this at home), the spirit was “proved”, meaning it was at least 100o UK proof or 57.15% abv.

To make sure that a broken or spilt barrel couldn’t wet their gunpowder and leave them at the mercy of Napoleon’s navy, the British Navy only carried “proved” or “Navy Strength” gin on board their ships.

Grain Jenever

Jenever (also sometimes spelled genever) is the grand-parent of modern gin and originates from modern Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s traditionally made by blending a portion of pot distilled malt-wine (moutwijn), similar to whiskey, with neutral sprit and flavoured with juniper. The styles of jenever are determined not by their age but by the proportion of malt-wine in the final blend: jonge jenever contains up 15% malt wine, oude jenever  at least 15% and Korenwijn (grain wine) from 51%. Unlike whiskey, rather than being aged for long periods of time a little sugar or honey is often added

Our “Grain Jenever” is an Australian homage this traditional spirit and is made from a blend of triticale, malt and barley. The malt-wine, which has a pronounced flavor similar to unaged rye whiskey, is lightly distilled and stored in oak for at least 3 months. It’s then blended at a rate of 33% with a triple distilled spirit, from the same grain blend, infused with juniper, eucalyptus, pink peppercorn and lemon, cinnamon and aniseed myrtles. Finally, just before bottling, its sweetened with a little bit of local eucalyptus honey.