Making Gin


Barley, oats and malted barley are milled and then mixed with hot water in the mashtun where the starch in the grains is converted into sugar.  This is the same process that craft brewers use when making beer.


The sugary sweet wash from the mash is cooled, collected and fermented. We add a blend of beer yeast sourced from Black Dog Brewery and white white yeast  The yeast eats the sugars in the wash and produces alcohol.

Spent Grains

The spent grains from the mash tun tun are fed to our herd of shorthorn cattle.

Making the Spirit

The fermented wash (or beer) is distilled a minimum of three times to produce a clean dry spirit with a soft but distinct grain character. The still is direct gas fired by two large 28 jet burners.

The first distillation "strips" the alcohol out of the beer and produces low wines at about 30-40% alcohol. The low wines are then further cleaned by at least 2 distillations  through the column. Only the middle part of the distillation , "The Hearts", are collected to make gin.


Distilling the Gin

Finally, when we have determined that the quality of the spirit is right, the gin is made.  The carterhead, or gin basket is filled with our unique blend of botanicals and connected into the vapour line out of the stillhead.   The hot alcohol vapours pass through the botanicals and emerge from the still as gin at around 95-80% alcohol. 

The gin is cut to the required strength with filtered mineral water and bottled.